What are the essential things you need to become a writer?

Imagination, did you say? Wrong.

Vocabulary? Wrong.

Ideas? Wrong.

These are only skillsets that you can acquire by training.

Before you do that, what you primarily need is the mindset. An attitude of friendliness with the craft and the concept of writing.

This attitude consists of -

1. Fearlessness

It is the courage to express yourself. We are all thinking beings, and our thoughts are often what makes us the persons we are. However, we hesitate to articulate those thoughts for various reasons, one of them being, the fear of judgement.

And this fear of judgement has two parts. Of what people may think of our ideas. And what people may think of our language proficiency or its lack thereof. We fear that, together, these two factors will create an impression about us in the minds of people that may not be very encouraging. 

2.   Confidence.

It is the self-belief you have of yourself. If you can use a language correctly, to a certain a degree of competence, there is no reason why you cannot use it for self-expression. Anyone of us can put our linguistic skills to its best use by telling ourselves that all that we need to do is to think aloud with our pen.

If we can speak, we can write too. 

Writing is nothing but an unconscious outpouring of our thoughts. We are not short of thoughts. Neither are we short of words. We all have a sufficient repertoire of vocabulary which when employed without fear to express our most earnest thoughts can turn into soulful writings.

 Whatever we learn after this by way of skills will only polish our inherent capability to vent ourselves. Fundamentally, we are all poets and story-tellers. If there is one thing that separates the writers from the non-writers, it is the courage to voice our innermost feelings.