How Writing Can Enhance Your Life Experience

One Hour Video Masterclass 

Are your children struggling to write a good essay or story in school?

Has the lack of creative skills made your children score poorly in their exams?

Have you wished that they learned to express their thoughts with clarity?

Do you want your child to craft stories and poems that will touch people's hearts?

Ever wondered what must be done to make their writing effective?

You have landed in the right place.

I know how exactly to fix your children's creative problem.

By powering them to think, assimilate and express.

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from the master of soulful writing and expert in turning children into writers

Asha Iyer Kumar

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Hi, Welcome to i Bloom.

This is Asha.

To parents,

I am very excited to have you here because this is opening up an opportunity for you and me to together explore the creative possibilities in your children, which they can use not only to fulfil their academic dreams but also to effectively navigate through life.

To students,

If you are a student striving to write impactful essays in school or college, or looking for ways to meaningful self-expression, i Bloom is here to help you find creative keys to your life through writing.

From me,

You will learn not only to effectively put your thoughts into words and impress readers, but also use your writing to be the person you want to be and live a life of unity and wholeness.

As an author, life & writing coach with two decades of years of experience, I bring to you all the lessons that I have learned during this long journey towards becoming what my followers call 'a soulful writer'.

Join me, and let me help your children in their quest to find their creative talents and become a better student and beyond that, become a happier person in life through writing.

Keep Glowing. Keep Growing.

Your trusted life-writing coach.

- Asha

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